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Lisa Nicholls Rider

Yoga Instructor

Lisa has been practicing yoga for over twenty years, with over 700 hours of train- ing most recently a 500+ (YAUK) with the Vajrasati school. The school where she now assists on their two year, weekly deep dive into all things yoga.

Lisa is dedicated to creating a calm space for self exploration and believes the practice of yoga should be a breath centred, nurturing personal journey to feeling awakened, light of heart, easeful through the body. And free from the hype and chatter of the mind. Unity in breath, body, heart/mind.

She believe’s yoga should be accessible to all, regardless of fitness levels, body size, age, financial capacity… if you can draw breath you can drop into moments of yoga. Her passions are yoga, singing, teaching & studying. Through weaving these together, she aim’s to help people access those moments of flow (vahī) and absorption (samādhi).