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Lisa Mason

Massage, Therapist

Lisa is a fully qualified advanced clinical remedial therapist and advanced reflexologist with more than 11 years experience. Her expertise is helping people with chronic or acute pain conditions, rehabilitation from injuries, and anyone requiring slow, deep and intuitive bodywork to help with stress, emotional release and general aches and pains.  She offers deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, scar tissue work and energy balancing, along with reflexology.

She is able to address issues such as headaches, back pain, whiplash injury, frozen shoulder, sciatica, digestive issues and much more.  Every client is given an initial assessment to form a personally tailored treatment plan based on their own specific needs and desired outcomes.

Her aim is to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies, by providing bodywork that assists movement and balance in the physical and energetic body; facilitating the intelligence of the body to heal itself.