Lawrence Cannon

alexander technique

During his training as an actor, Laurie became interested in the Alexander Technique which is well known in the field of drama and music, as way of easing the responses of tension in the body.

Prior to this he had a successful business career, spending time sitting at a desk and also travelling overseas. Unknown to him was the toll this was taking on his physical and mental wellbeing.

He became fascinated by the concept of the Technique, seemingly a simple solution to many complex and painful health problems. His three years of training led him to recognise that the way we stand, sit and move can be changed by conscious attention to our habits. He became the Alexander Technique teacher at a large practice and over several years established a strong reputation for helping people of all ages in overcoming back pain, migraine and many other conditions.

His aim is to teach the Technique so that it becomes part of peoples daily life, without any special exercises or changes to routine. As a testament to his success is the fact that many have continued to seek his help over a period of several years.

Laurie is interested in helping people of all ages and from walks of life to improve their feeling of well being and to help relieve pain and discomfort they may be suffering. The work continually helps in his own life and he finds it a joy to share it with others.

He is a fully accredited member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander technique (STAT) and was a registered member of the complementary therapy  team at an NHS practice.

Outside his Alexander activity, he is a father, artist, sailor, singer and yoga enthusiast.