Katie Finch

Yoga Instructor

Katie Finch has been practising Yoga for over 10 years, she initially came for the physical but very quickly realised there was so much more and trained to deepen her practice. Katie is committed to continuing her training and evolving her practice so that she can keep delivering classes, workshops and retreats that allow others to experience the feelings of connection and calm that she has experienced through her own practice.

Katie teaches a mindful Vinyasa Flow which focuses on creating space for you to connect to your body in that moment. You will be encouraged to let go of any expectations and instead allow yourself to move exactly how you need. Her approach is all about taking Yoga beyond the mat so each class will pull on different aspects of Yoga, including the underlying philosophy, breathing, meditation, movement and relaxation with the aim that you can take something with you into your everyday life to create more harmony and balance.