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Jo Woodhurst

Team Member

As someone who has spent the last two years studying nutrition, Jo was very knowledgeable about health and wellbeing before starting at The Float Spa so was excited to try her first float. She picked a challenging time to try it as she had an exam the next day. As you’d imagine, she initially found it difficult to relax at the start and her mind kept chattering. She found herself expecting something to happen and worrying about touching the sides of the pod but finally relaxed enough for the time to go by more quickly than expected. After the float she said she still felt floaty. She is also a big fan of the infrared sauna and said she was an instant addict from her first session.

Since starting to work at The Float Spa, Jo has found it easier to focus on her own wellbeing compared to her previous stressful job as a teacher. She finds it to be a really relaxing atmosphere and even still feels relaxed on busy days.