Helen Forester

Yoga Instructor

An ex-secondary English teacher, Helen now runs her small business, Meditate with Helen, from her garden workspace in Hove, UK, creating beads for meditation as well as teaching meditation and nature-based creativity workshops, retreats, courses.   She is Mama to her two littles and can be found playing with them in the woodlands of the South Down or by the sea.

Helen has been practising yoga and meditation for eleven years, teaching yoga for six and meditation for one, having trained with Swami Saradananda (in the Sivananda lineage) and Claire Missingham (in the Krishnamacharya lineage) in 2018 and 2012, respectively, and is deeply committed to creating spaces to inspire you to spend more time on yourself, in meditation, nature and/or nurturing your own creative spirit.

Her classes and workshops are guided by yogic principles and draw on both Eastern and Western  meditation traditions, including Mindfulness, Vedanta and Celtic practices.  Her ultimate goal is to empower you to begin or re-ignite your own meditation practice, creating safe spaces for experimentation and questioning.

She is also the founder of successful local business Chant Malas, creating beads for your meditation practice for six years and running workshops in mala-making around the country.