Georgina Clarkin

Team Member

Unlike many of our team, Georgina actually enjoyed her first float and found she managed to relax into it quite quickly despite not knowing what to expect.  It was booking in for and attending that first float that made her interested in working for The Float Spa as we have a lot of things going on here that interest her.  Before she tried that first float, she was already doing yoga at least once a week and had studied nutrition so had a keen interest in health and wellbeing.

Since coming to work for us, Georgina has tried a number of our services including acupuncture, which she found to be very relaxing, and the infrared sauna which she found a little intense for her liking initially but finds she can spend longer in the heat each time she tries it.  She still practises yoga and finds that she favours different yoga styles at different parts of the day with styles like vinyasa yoga being a great way to start the day.  Her favourite part of her job is working with such inspiration people who are so motivated in what they do.  She also enjoys connected with the clients who are like minded.