Charlotte Lindgren

Team Member

Charlotte was already a fan of health and wellbeing before starting work at The Float Spa. As an ex-swimming teacher and massage therapist, she understands the importance of looking after yourself so embraced our ethos from the start. She had experienced floating before working here too. Where she lived in Bristol previously, she tried a float in a smaller tank than ours but said it was very enjoyable even if they didn’t have somewhere to relax afterwards like we do. Like most people who float, she has found her floating experience gets better the more she floats as she has found it easier to relax each time.

Although she enjoys floating, she really loves the infrared sauna because she feels so relaxed and cleansed after it. She even said she would use it every day if she could. She much prefers it to ordinary saunas as she finds the heat in them too intense and prefers the solitude of our sauna. Like many of our staff, she says the best thing about the job is working with people who understand the importance of self-care and she enjoys seeing the difference in people after they’ve received our treatments.