Cara Hawkins

Therapist, life coach

A few years ago, Cara found herself stuck, experiencing multiple health problems. She was getting infections weekly, felt drained and struggled to think properly. She tried everything to ‘fix’ herself – jumping from medical professional to the next, experimenting with different pills, diets and treatments, but nothing would help. The more she tried, the worse she got.

Eventually, Cara turned inwards to try to heal and worked on her mindset. To her surprise, not only did her health improve, but her life transformed in every single way. For the first time in her life, Cara felt like she had ‘woken up’ and was sitting in the driver’s seat of her life. She unlocked her personal power and learnt to modify her thoughts, feelings & behaviours. She became the person she had always wanted to be and built unshakable self-belief, confidence & inner peace.

Cara then trained as a Life & Mindset Coach so she can help you transform your life too. She understands that everyone has this personal power, and when you unlock it, you can transform your life and what’s possible for you.