Becky Young


Would you like to feel nourished? Nurtured? Restored and revived?

If that’s you, then step into the experience of this heavenly treatment!


Aromatouch Technique™ is an uplifting, sensory, hands-on experience of essential oils being applied to your back and feet. This expertly-selected and blended sequence of highest quality aromatic oils, together with the soothing movements, bring the power of human touch and nature to calm your nervous system and help put you into a restorative state. Becky loves giving this gentle yet powerful treatment because her clients love to receive it, consistently using inspiring words like ‘uplifted’, ‘blissful’, ‘deeply relaxed’ and ‘energised’ to describe their experience. It’s extraordinary what the body and mind can do when you provide conducive conditions!


There’s solid science behind the oils and blends used, too; the technique was created by a physician and leading expert on essential oils, to provide a powerful experience of human touch, using essential oils in a way that could also support the body’s healthy function in four key areas – stress response, immune defence, healthy inflammation levels and autonomic balance. The oils were selected for their beautiful, diverse aromas as well as their potent qualities. Two oils (or blends) were chosen to address each of the four areas – so a total of eight applications in each session – giving you an immersive aromatic experience. It’s like a symphony of scents! A recent client said it felt so blissful she could hardly speak.


What to expect: The treatment takes place lying face down on the massage couch. You prepare by removing jewellery, earrings, socks and upper garments so that back and feet are exposed. I recommend you wear loose-fitting, comfortable leggings or tracksuit bottoms. These can be kept on during the treatment. I’ll tuck a towel into the waistband to help protect the clothes from the oils. The movements are simple, soothing and repetitive, designed to promote deep relaxation.


Before your first treatment: I’ll ask you to complete some paperwork including a checklist that will help me to look after you properly and keep you comfortable during your treatments. We’ll get that dealt with – as much as we can – before the day of your treatment. For your first session with me at the spa, allow 90 minutes. Subsequent treatments 50 or 75 minutes.


Aftercare: always drink plenty of water and take time to rest if you find you need to. I’ll follow up with you a day or two after your session to find out how you are getting on.


The oil blends and Aromatouch Technique™ are proprietary to doTerra LLC, a company renowned for their exceptional essential oils selected for purity (no contaminants) and potency (profile of chemical constituents). The high standards are maintained by rigorous testing, both in-house and by third-parties. This gives peace of mind to me as a practitioner working with you. It also gives peace of mind to my household customers using the oils with their precious family members. DoTerra® is committed to sourcing their oils sustainably, ethically and responsibly, dealing with growers and the environment with care. As a doTerra Wellness Advocate, I am also able to discuss people’s wellness and lifestyle goals and educate them about doTerra’s range of personal care products, supplements and oils. I am able to make those items available for sale at a preferential rate (Ts & Cs apply) for those that want to try them. Or for those that want to ‘take the experience home’ after a treatment.


Make it a regular thing!  Although this gorgeous treatment is great as a one-off, it is even better to look forward to Aromatouch® regularly as a monthly antidote to everyday stressors. Please inquire about multi treatment packages (T&Cs apply).


Make it a gift! Don’t keep it to yourself! This treatment could make a wonderful, special-occasion gift for your loved one.


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