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Anna Sugarman

Yoga Instructor
Inspired yogini, happy mother, grateful soulmate, international yogi, yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Anna has been fortunate to study with renowned teachers around the globe, all of whom have shaped her practice and approach of teaching vinyasa flow, yin, breath work, meditation, and encouraging others to create their dream life. Her dharma is sharing her passion for spiritual balance, and she devotes herself to exploring this – as a student and a teacher.
Anna’s joie de vivre is contagious, as is her love for playful motion and holistic wellbeing. Known for creative sequencing, rockin playlists, and philosophy infusions, Anna’s vinyasa flows culminate in blissful fun, focusing on strength, mindfulness and grace. She inspires light hearted courage, empowering others to shine consistently – during dark times and bright. Her loving, playful style of educating instills confidence in students of all levels as she illuminates their strengths, gently guiding them toward their higher potential by offering tools to elevate happiness and optimize life – on and off the mat.