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Andy Butterfield

Yoga Instructor
The way Andy sees it, our bodies are miraculous, powerful, beautiful, resilient and longing for our respect, compassion and acceptance. Our time on the yoga mat offers us a rich opportunity to turn towards ourselves, offering kind awareness to whatever we discover. The light of this kind awareness gets brighter the more we use it and sooner or later, it begins to heal, empower and transform us. We realise that what we’ve been looking for all this time, is already here within us.
A shiatsu therapist, meditation teacher, tantra teacher, reiki master and coach, Andy has been working with the body for 16 years. His wish to teach arose spontaneously on the mat in a class in 2011. His practice was deepening and he realised that yoga had helped transform his body into a source of joy and he wanted to share the practice with others.
In his classes, Andy invites you to experience the radiant aliveness in your body, the strength and  power as well as the softness, stillness and space. There are times where you flow and maybe even sweat a little bit and there are always enough chances to hold, pause, rest. Hatha yoga, vinyasa and yin all inspire his teaching and he often folds in elements of shiatsu, chinese medicine and tantra.
Andy loves being part of the Float Spa family; a beautiful community of inspiring yogis and a talented, passionate and heart-centred crew.