Andy Butterfield

Yoga Instructor
Andy has been working with the body for 15 years. He has journeyed through various styles of yoga and folds elements of these, along with his shiatsu bodywork experience into a mindful, breath-led flow practice. Sometimes his classes focus on the creation of space, softening what is stuck and restoring and resourcing us from the inside. Other times, we work hard with strengthening and empowering practices to burn off what isn’t serving us and to feel the expansion in offering more than we thought we could.
His objective is to help you inhabit your body more fully, relaxing into it with deeper compassion, appreciation and contentment. The call to teach arose spontaneously on the mat when he realised he wanted to share the gifts that yoga had given him. Every body is miraculous, powerful and beautiful and Andy is passionate about learning and teaching how to inhabit it fully in order to live well.