Stop The World

By Reception Team

Do you remember the phrase “Stop the World from Spinning I want to get off?”

I haven’t heard it for a while but sometimes this is exactly how I feel.  The to-do-list is endless, the demands from others are overwhelming, the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed is unachievable, our thoughts are constant and when do you have time just for you?

Making time for self-care is a hot topic right now.  We need to make it a priority.  A little time and effort invested in maintaining our well-being is essential for our long term quality of life.

How to stop the world spinning for a while? Meditation and mindfulness are a huge piece of the picture.  Ten minutes daily of cultivating stillness and peace is definitely going to have an impact on your stress levels. Stop The World 1

However, I believe it’s necessary to pause the perpetual whirring of our brain for longer periods in order to really feel the effects. Floating is great for this and it has the additional value of incorporating a physical re-set for the body. Clearing the body and mind of built up tension.  After my second Float I felt so relaxed I walked home at half my normal speed and I loved the space in my usually very busy mind.

Another way to develop this state of being present and free from stress is dancing.  Bringing our awareness to our body, we come out of our head. We shake away tension, focus on the music and our enjoyment.  It’s a great workout that releases endorphins. We then become conscious of our breathing and slowing down into experience a mindful movement meditation.

I host a weekly Vital Development Dance session on a Friday at the Float Spa. At the end of the 90 minutes participants leave both relaxed and energised. Having taken a break from their usual “world”, they can return to it with a renewed capacity to cope with the spinning…..until next week.

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