Initial Assessment & treatment:  £50

Follow up treatments: 60mins – £45 / 90mins – £65

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Zeina is a Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Acupuncturist Specializing in sports injury rehabilitation.

Pain is always a warning sign

As the body learns to compensate for injury, long term damage may occur, which will eventually lead to greater injury than the original issue and may even stop you from enjoying your sport completely.

Treating the body as a whole

Analysing the cause of your injury, finding out where and why it actually exists. By determining the root cause, the right treatment can be provided together with rehabilitation advice on how to get back to fitness.

Using a wide variety of techniques

From soft tissue therapy, IASTM, muscle energy work, neuromuscular facilitation, and medical acupuncture, passive and active stretches, taping and strapping, Zeina will get to the causation and work to break your cycle of injury.

The type of treatment provided by Zeina is robust and should not be mistaken for a ‘relaxing’ treatment.

Get it fixed before it’s too late.