Somatic Movement Education

Somatics in Hove

Somatic Movement Education is a non-manipulative, self-healing practice where through slow mindful movement people of all ages can free themselves from chronic pain and habituated postures as well as physical and emotional trauma. 

Creating calm within the mind and more freedom of movement and flexibility within the body.

This beautiful healing modality is a neuromuscular re-education and mindful movement awareness practice that guides us to release unconscious muscular contraction and holding patterns, creating space for holistic physical and emotional healing.

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Benefits of Somatics

Gentle yet powerful somatics enables root cause issues to unravel, as we use our own brain, our own consciousness, whilst connecting with our central nervous system.

Somatics allows us to relax in new ways enacting the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repair), bringing us out of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) which is where most of us are hanging out in this day and age. Moving in this nourishing way whilst focusing on the quality of the movement and not the form, we can be gently guided out of these trauma responses of flight, flight, freeze or fawn to name a few.

Connecting deeply to the miracle of our being we can free ourselves from the chronic pain, injury, stress, or anxiety that is holding us back from doing what we want to do in this very short and precious life.  So that we can live fully.

In somatics we call the body the soma; the word soma is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘wholeness’, as we are living, breathing, ever evolving, miracles of movement and so much more than just skin and bone.  Our soma is divine intelligence and holds innate wisdom and the capacity to heal.  Somatics supports and aligns the mind, body, and spirit, as they are not seen as separate.

Physical and emotional healing requires us to go within, bringing the unconscious patterning into our consciousness.  Somatics is a journey home to our first home, our soma, a deep unravelling, unwinding and unbecoming, flowing not forcing, surrendering, and releasing.

Somatics can be taught as a hands-on one-on-one session or as a movement lesson in person or online to an individual or in a group setting.  Empowering people of all ages to release back pain and injury, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, RSI (repetitive strain injury), MS (multiple sclerosis), any kind of muscular and/or nerve pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression and much more.Somatics isn’t just a movement awareness practice, it is its own movement, an act of rebellion in a world that wants to keep us distracted. Somatic movement education brings us home to ourselves, home to our heart, enabling us to feel more aligned with our own source energy.

There is no greater healer than thyself, and when we heal ourselves, we help to heal everyone and everything around us.

If you would like to invite more calm and inner peace into your life, or you would like to learn more about releasing chronic pain, stress or injury please contact me to arrange a free consultation

Meet Our Therapist

Melody Old

Melody Old

Melody found somatics in 2008 after she was involved in a car accident and suffered an acute whiplash injury.  After 3 weekly sessions and committing to the daily movement explorations, not only was the whiplash gone, but her whole body was brought back into alignment.  Her back, neck and shoulders were better at 30 years old than they were at 18. Somatics is a gentle and relaxing slow mindful movement awareness practice that enables you ...
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