Simon Thomson

About Simon Beavis-Thomson

Simon has an I.T.E.C level 3 diploma in Holistic Massage with over 20 years experience in healing. He has practiced Chi Kung, meditation and Hemi Sync for over 25 years. He uses his experience of Taoist systems and meridians incorporating Outgoing Qigong, Acupressure with deep tissue massage and subtle craniosacral work into his treatments. An intuitive, holistic approach to healing leaves his clients feeling a renewed sense of calm & wellbeing.

Holistic massage helps to relieve physical tension and improves circulation. Some benefits experienced from his clients include releasing emotional trauma, overcoming addictions, pain relief, improved posture, feeling more at ease in their bodies, feeling stronger, centered and connected

What to expect from a treatment?

Each session is tailored to your needs. He works with you to focus on areas you hold tension to release both energetic and physical blocks to return you to your original blueprint. He will utilize the acupressure points on the meridian system to strengthen the internal organs, muscles, skeletal, lymphatic and emotional systems. The release and realignment can be through stretching, kneading, percussive or finger pressure to bridge chi and allow your flow to return. He can share self -healing Chi Kung exercises so you can continue to strengthen and nutritional advice to support the healing process

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