Pregnancy Yoga

Find freedom through movement, breath-work, meditation and mantra to help you prepare for a conscious birth.


– learn how to move, breathe and use sound-work to work with contractions

– release any pre-conceived fears or anxieties through meditation and mindfulness

– create more space in the body and mind to assist baby with OFP (optimal foetal position)

– strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve posture

– learn techniques to soothe the nervous system and balance the glandular system

– connect with other women within your yoga community and form lasting friendships

– relieve your personal ailments and symptoms through specific postures

– build energy, stamina and strength within your changing body

– learn positive affirmations and bond with your baby

– feel grounded and rejuvenated through deep relaxation practice (yoga nidra)

Tap into your inner goddess, unlock your hidden power and own your birth space!

Suggested start date: from 15 weeks when pregnancy is well established.

Pregnancy Yoga