Online Yoga Course: Pregnancy Yoga

Investment: £50 for 6 sessions

Teacher: Katia Kaur

Pregnancy doesn’t seem like a great time to be taking up something new but it’s actually the perfect time to begin yoga as there are so many benefits for coping with pregnancy and preparing for the birth.  Because, naturally, if you’re pregnant, you will want to be very careful with a new activity, our online beginners’ pregnancy yoga course takes things very slowly so you can learn the fundamentals and techniques very safely and at your own pace.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help relieve not just the physical discomforts but also help with the worry and stress some pregnant people can experience.  Shifting body weight, changed habits and tension can make pregnant bodies feel achy and uncomfortable, especially at night, so pregnancy yoga can really help muscles to relax while also increasing strength, flexibility and circulation.  People who practice this type of yoga during their pregnancy experience less lower back pain, nausea, shortness of breath and headaches as well as reduced stress and anxiety.  One of the major benefits of pregnancy yoga is better sleep.

During the six sessions of our online pregnancy yoga beginners’ course, you will learn the most important techniques to help you practice pregnancy yoga.  Breathing is a huge part of it as it doesn’t just help you to overcome shortness of breath in pregnancy and get through contractions during the birth, it is also a very important technique in helping you to relax your achy muscles, connect with your body and calm your mind.  You will also learn the gentle stretches which will help to relieve stiffness, increase flexibility and improve the quality of your joints to help your mobility as your pregnancy progresses.  As you would expect from a yoga course, you will also learn the postures used in pregnancy yoga.

Learning postures is such an important part of yoga so you will be shown the postures and given advice on the best ways to get into and hold them with lots of options given to tailor them to your ability level and which stage of your pregnancy you are at.  Moving into and holding these postures will help you to build strength, increase flexibility and improve your balance.  Pregnancy yoga postures are specifically chosen to target the muscles and joints you need to develop to keep mobile and help with the birth.

In addition to these physical techniques, our beginners’ pregnancy yoga course also teaches you relaxation methods through meditation and mindfulness.  Your instructor will guide you through the various ways to do this to leave you feeling very calm, relaxed and clear in your mind as well as comfortable and loose in your body.

This beginners course gives you a great grounding in pregnancy yoga so you feel confident to join a class after taking it knowing that you have a good grasp of the basics and know what to expect.  It also gives you a nice way to relax and gently move your body during pregnancy.

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This 6 session course gives you the basics of Pregnancy Yoga, each session varies in length.

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