Online Beginners Course: Hatha Flow & Restore

Investment: £50 for 6 sessions

Teacher: Rosie Iles-Jonas

For anyone looking for a well-rounded yoga practice to introduce them to gentle flowing yoga postures as well as deep relaxation and restorative postures, this online beginners’ course in hatha flow and restore yoga is ideal.  Hatha is all about balancing opposing elements and this course does this perfectly by bringing together the active movement of hatha flow and the passive stillness of meditation and Yoga Nidra to creative a harmonious and deeply nourishing experience for body and mind.

Because this online course is suitable for complete beginners to, not just this style of yoga, but all styles of yoga, instruction is given very clearly to ensure participants understand the fundamental underlying principles of the style as well as how to execute the flowing movements safely and effectively.  This six session course will give you all the basics you need to get a good grounding in hatha flow and restorative yoga which you can complete at your own pace.  Not only will the complete course give you the confidence to take part in live yoga classes, each individual session will also help you to calm your mind, stretch and reinvigorate your body and counter the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

This type of hatha yoga is not a fast and vigorous style.  It is designed to be more slow and gentle to allow the mind and body to align.  Using breath work and postures designed to open up the body, particularly the spine, to allow energy to flow freely, hatha flow yoga helps you to connect your mind and body through awareness and being present in the moment.  The movement helps to gently stretch muscles and joints to increase strength and flexibility leading to greater ease of movement and a release of the tension brought on through too much sitting, standing or stress.

Mentally, the restorative yoga practices in this course not only help you to relax and calm the mind by focusing on your breathing and movement to banish stray negative thoughts, it also helps you to focus and boosts your creativity through guided meditation and mindfulness.  Each one of these sessions will help to elevate your mood and reduce stress while regular practice can bring greater clarity of mind, happiness and a sense of peace.  If you are new to meditation, this course will help you by giving you something to focus on to help your mind relax without putting any pressure on you to concentrate.  It will teach you the basic principles and give you the tools you need to go forward with the practice if you find it helpful.

Some practitioners of hatha yoga find it helpful to use straps, blocks and chairs for support but there are many household items you can use for this purpose and your instructor will always give you options and ideas of ways you can enhance your practice or make it easier depending on your individual needs.

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This 6 session course gives you the basics of Hatha Flow & Restore Yoga, each session varies in length.

To purchase the course click , once payment has been received you will be enrolled and given access to the course. Please note this may take a couple of hours depending when the purchase is made.

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Please note that by registering for the course you recognise that yoga requires physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and that you are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. Should you have any questions or concerns about the course please email us on If you have any injuries please let us know prior to starting the course.

You also agree to take full responsibility for any risks, loss, claim, injury, damage or liability, known or unknown, which might incur as a result of participating in the course.