Online Beginners Yoga Courses

The Float Spa, Hove has a designed a range of Online Beginners Yoga Courses. We know that walking into a yoga class for the first time can be daunting, so these beginners yoga courses are the perfect start for your yoga journey. All from the comfort of your own home.

Beginners Yoga Courses in hove at The Float Spa

Starting a yoga practice can be daunting, walking into a room where everyone seems to know what they are doing. You hear a teacher talk in sanskrit and you wonder what they mean. Plus how do you decide on which class to even start with.

We have created a series of Online Beginners Yoga courses. Each course has 6 sessions, and you will learn the very basics of all the wonderful styles of yoga we offer at The Float Spa in Hove.

These courses are all designed to be enjoyed from your home, and then when you are ready to join a yoga class, you will understand the basics, and also know the yoga teacher too.

Each course is £50 for 6 sessions and is designed and led by one of our highly experienced teachers.

Following your Beginners Yoga Course why not take advantage of our Unlimited Yoga for 30 Days offer.