MMM – Mantra, Music & Meditation

With Tracie Storey

Date: Sunday 9th December 4.30pm – 5.45pm

Price: £20 / £15 early bird (*pay in advance before 7th December)

Bookings: Paypal: or via Eventbrite

Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Come and join us for a Sunday afternoon sound harmonisation, a session of stillness and inner silence, a time to reflect on 2018 and celebrate the year and all it has brought and look ahead to the promise of a new year. This is a time of reflection to quietly go into a space of inner peace.

MMM – Mantra, Music & Meditation sessions are a group experience – an exploration of sound, overtones & harmonics which help to create an internal resonance allowing you to tune yourself back to your natural balance.

We start the session with mantra & meditation before moving into working with acoustic sound which affect your body on a vibrational and cellular level, encouraging an energetic re-balancing in your physical and subtle energy system. The sound stimulates a clearing of your energy field allowing you to literally feel lighter whilst the overtones allow you to come back to your natural balance.

The workshop will take place mainly in a horizontal position, cushions, blankets and yoga mats are provided. You will leave the session feeling replenished and in a calmer and happier space. The perfect way to start the week.

The benefits of a sound harmonisation:

  • > experience the effects of vibrational sound on a deep cellular level
  • > re-balance yourself before the busy period of Christmas
  • > feel replenished and in a clearer, calmer, happier space

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Come and join us for this deeply restorative and nourishing meditation.

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