Mindfulness Courses at The Float Spa

At The Float Spa in Hove we have a range of mindfulness courses to suit. From beginners short 4 week courses to the full extended 8 week version.

Mindfulness 8 Week Course

Limited to 4 spaces, so booking in advance is essential.

8 week Course – £160

This course is an introduction to mindfulness and how it can be used as a tool to reduce stress and bring peace into our lives. Each week there will be homework including a mindfulness meditation to practice, suggested additional reading and recommended audio/visual resources. Handouts will provided throughout the course and an audio recording of the key meditations used will be made available.

Week 1

  • What is mindfulness?
    • How does it work?
    • How do you do it?
    • Body relaxation meditation and body awareness
    • Can’t meditate / won’t meditate! – overcoming the difficulties, and dispelling the myths.

Week 2

  • Mindfulness and the brain
    • Focus vs distraction
    • ‘Digital dementia’ / Cognitive skills
    • How the brain rewires itself
    • Effect of meditation on the physical brain

Week 3

  • Mindfulness and Stress
    • The stress response
    • Causes of stress and displacement stress
    • The importance of the breath – breathing techniques
    • Practicing PAUSE

Week 4

  • The ego and projection
    • What is the ego and how does it affect my life?
    • What is projection and how does it affect my life?
    • Negative self-talk
    • Byron Katie exercises

Week 5

  • Mindful eating
    • Diet and stress
    • ‘Mindless’ eating and its affects
    • Mindful eating – practice
    • How thinking affects nutrition in the body

Week 6

  • Mindfulness and Gratitude
    • Practicing gratitude and appreciation
    • The benefits of gratitude
    • Gratitude lists
    • What if I don’t feel grateful?

Week 7

  • Mindfulness, resistance and acceptance
    • What is resistance? How do I spot it? How do I overcome it?
    • What are my blocks?
    • Clearing the blocks meditation
    • Practicing acceptance

Week 8

  • Mindfulness, love and compassion
    • Effects on the body of compassion and love
    • Cultivating compassion for self and others
    • Mindful self-care
    • Loving Kindness Meditation

Beginners 4 week mindfulness course

Monday morning mindfulness – part 1
Time: 7.30 a.m. – 8.30 a.m.
Course dates:  14/11; 21/11; 5/12; 12/12 (please note there is a break on the 28th Nov)
Cost: £55
– An introduction to basic mindfulness principles
– Looking at four of the mindfulness ‘attitudes’ which can reduce daily stress
– Being present / Non-judgement / Acceptance / Kindness
– Morning mindful meditation – a gentle movement practice to energize us and get ready for the day ahead.