Kundalini Yoga – the “Yoga of Awareness” provides a completely holistic practice which guides you to awaken the creative potential that exists within.

Each class encourages you to build strength and flexibility in your body, focusing you to develop greater mental clarity whilst boosting vitality levels and inner radiance.

A regular practice will unlock your connection to the peace and harmony that exists within, allowing you to release old patterns and habits that no longer serve you and replacing them with positive new practices to support you in becoming your very best self.

These themed classes incorporate a series of dynamic kundalini yoga postures and creative meditations, integrating sacred mantras, powerful breathwork, body locks and deep relaxation. All woven together against a great soundtrack.

A truly transformative practice, come see for yourself and allow your soul to shine!

Open to all – beginners and improvers welcome.

Teacher Jo Nimrita

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Kundalini yoga at the float spa hove