Kundalini Yoga & Sound Journey in the Dark

With Maria Varanpal

Date: Saturday 20th Jan 3-6 pm


£25 Early Bird until 14th January

£40 Regular

£30 Concession/Unlimited Yoga Studio Member at The Float Spa

£10-25 Pay what you can afford (limited numbers)

Bookings: maria@consciousnow.co.uk

Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Join a journey to really dive into your senses. Have you experienced floatation in the dark? In this workshop we will explore both movement and stillness, sounds and silence, blindfolded. You will be guided in a kundalini yoga session to sing, listen, breath, move, notice, as well as receive a long relaxation in the vibrations of gong, singing bowl and wind chime.

As a part of the workshop there will be space and time in the beginning to share your intention (& maybe expectations) for the Yoga & Sound Journey, and in the end to share your experiences with the group.

Maria Varanpal is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Gong player. She encourages eyes to be closed during her regular yoga classes since it is a powerful way to go inwards, open up to senses other than sight as well as go deeply into and connect with yourself and the presence. Maria has previously worked with blind people in Spain, and is fascinated by how many seeing people often take the vision for granted, and how different the world can be perceived without it.

This is the second Kundalini Yoga & Sound Journey in the Dark workshop with Maria Varanpal at The Float Spa. This time it is prolonged from 2 to 3 hours to give you the possibility to dive even deeper into yourself.

Yoga mat, block, bolster and blanket are provided. Please tell Maria if you will bring your own blindfold or if you would like one to be provided.