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Kat Worsley

Pricing: £65 per hour, joint massage & floating packages available

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Kat has been a bodyworker for over 20 years starting as a Swedish remedial massage therapist, Reflexologist, fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Kat has a passion for bodywork and took the opportunity to do further training to develop her skills including Deep Tissue Massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu and Structural Alignment.

With a desire to free her clients from painful conditions such as, hip, back and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff disfunctions, RSI, headaches, stress related conditions and stubborn sport injuries she retrained with award winning Jing School of Advanced Clinical Massage.

In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of anatomy and pathology, Kat trained in a clinically tried and tested combination of advanced massage techniques. These include: myofascial release, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy, acupressure and stretching. Kat is now qualified as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist. With her training, experience and a listening touch Kat uses a fusion of techniques tailored to individual needs.

Kat is in continuing career development, providing support for training modules at Jing and taking further training in Anatomy, Pathology and Myofascial Release.

Kat also has a passion for Yoga and is on a teacher training programme.