Intention in Action – Define your Practice

With Anna Sugarman & Rich Husseiny

Date: Sunday 29th April, 2-5pm

Price: £30


Anna Sugarman Workshop The Float Spa

Intention in Action | Define your practice.

Ritual | a set of actions, and sometimes words, performed regularly.

Ritual is where the soul speaks. Consistency is key. Create your ritual. Define your practice – one you want to commit to. Set yourself up for success. Set your intention. Take action. 

Breath. Mind. Body. Soul. Actualizing these components purifies the pathways for luminous self-investigation and discovery, ultimately leading to a more awakened consciousness and heightened understanding of yourself and your interaction with this world. 

In this 3 hour workshop, we will define practices within these four pillars…

• Breath | Breath work – A powerful tool for managing stress, at the heart of our practice.

• Mind | Reflection – Guided self inquiry via answering questions about ourselves.

• Body | Movement – An asana practice to inspire playful movement, no matter your level of experience.

• Soul | Intention – Understanding our immunity to change allows us to make desired changes, a guided exercise to discover our pe rsonal obstacles.

Take away | Daily rituals – A process to understand where you’re going, an awareness of unconscious patterns, clarity of existing habits and patterns, and how to create sustainable change.

All levels welcome |