Flow Free

By Reception Team

When was the last time you felt truly free?  

For many of us the schedules and constraints of modern life, work and family commitments put a lot of pressure on our time and resources.  At times we can be left feeling stressed and limited in our choices as we try to keep up with all the jobs on our various to do lists. In addition, even if your lifestyle means you don’t have many external demands being placed on you day to day, we all have to deal our mental critic and the myriad of judgements and rules we place on ourselves, which means our internal police officer prevents us from being too carefree or having too much fun.

Who hasn’t spent a lot of worry and energy in the past conforming to the “shoulds” of how we believe we “have to” behave in social and work situations.  Very often this can mean we go against our natural impulses and wishes as we try to fit in and control our more wild and unconventional selves.

All of this holding in adds stress and creates a lot of tension, rigidity and disease in the body and mind.  In this way of being in the world there is a lot of resistance to OUR spontaneous flow of life force energy, which is wild, wonderful and has a totally unique expression through each individual.

I love to find opportunities to gently release any built up tension and to allow my natural creative juices to flow. For me Floating is one of the most liberating experiences that I have had in this quest to let go and surrender to the moment.

Another method that I enjoy and work with is dance and mindful movement.  It’s amazing how many times I have witnessed people loosening up and giving themselves permission to play and have fun in my Friday night Vital Development classes at The Float Spa. Gradually participants express themselves with a genuine sense of freedom that relaxes the body and mind thus allowing more space for their natural flow to be accepted.  Vital Development is a dance method that fits well with the philosophy of the Float Spa providing a space for you to free your mind and dance your natural flow.

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