Float Ambassadors

Do you want to be a FLOAT ambassador?

At The Float Spa we are looking for a team of Float Ambassadors. Who are leaders within the community that truly embody what Floating is all about. Their role is to go out in the Brighton and Hove community and spread the good word about Floating! In return, they receive free floats!

If you are interested in becoming a Float Ambassador you can apply by emailing us your photo, short-bio and a detailed explanation as to why you’d like to join our team! We will review all applications and get back to you!

Email us at info@thefloatspa.co.uk to apply!

Meet The Float Spa, Hove’s Float Ambassadors

Float Ambassador

Sonya Hilton                             Facebook

Sonya is a single mum to her son Jesse-Chase, she is a born and bread Brightonian with a lot of contacts locally. Sonya is really in to her health, nutrition and anything to do with mind and body! Sonya is also a bit of a MumPreneur at heart and runs a number of successful networking groups on Facebook with over 3000 members combined and also her Mummy Club’s which collectively have over 2000 active members. She’s also setting up an online business right now so these floats will help her focus and we consider her to be a great ambassador as she loves and believes in the float experience.

Floatation Blogger

Bethanie Lunn                  Website/Facebook

Bethanie created her first blog in 2010, The Modern Girl’s Guide.  She had been writing online since MySpace was the only forum, in a bid to inspire and offer free advice.

At that time, back in 2003, she ran her own PR Firm specialising in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Bethanie’s insightful industry articles were noticed by one of the world’s leading PR Practitioners who said, ‘Bethanie Lunn is an entrepreneur of the gutsiest kind…We will all end up working for someone like Bethanie Lunn one of these days and we’ll be a lot better off for it.‘     READ MORE

Float Ambassador

Ella Kate Reeves               Facebook

Ella fully qualified and accredited integrative psychotherapist. (BACP and European accreditation). Having qualified she started a private practice in Sussex before opening The Alive Centre a therapeutic centre in  France which offered workshops, retreats, yoga holidays and walking holidays  for 8 years, she then moved back to Hove, where she born to live by sea with her son Louis. Ella now runs Sussex Psychotherapy and counselling and is Author of Watering my soul. She also blogs and reviews professionally for several local organisations. Ella is passionate about yoga dance and health and loves regular floats!

Float Ambassador

Helen Blick

Originally from West London, Helen went to university in Brighton many moons ago and after living in various other towns, was drawn back to Brighton 3 years ago.  She is interested in healthy eating and loves trying all the wonderful restaurants that Brighton has to offer.  She is a mother of two and works around the kids as a freelance writer for various websites and publications, she writes a blog www.mostlytalkingtomyself.com, reviews kids menus in Brighton for www.welovebrighton.com and works as a social media lead for Lead Agency.  She set up a group on Facebook for local working mums at the end of last year, to help support them with returning to work and all the difficulties that come with that. READ MORE

Float Ambassador at The Float Spa Hove

Lisa Elliott

Lisa is fully qualified HR professional who now specialises in international recruitment. When she wants to really relax and/or recover from a particularly strenuous workout the first thing she does is book in a floatation session which she says is an essential part of her wellbeing.

Lisa found floating by accident after a case of mistaken identity on Facebook in 2007 and was amazingly offered the opportunity to try it for free! Having never heard of it before she decided to give it a go.  She vividly remembers walking out of the centre feeling relaxed but wondering what all the fuss was about. 15 minutes later she came over with this feeling of what she can only describe as “calm euphoria” which lasted for the next 4 days…and was hooked. She says Floating gives her the best sleep, relaxation, skin, hair and all round well-being of any alternative therapy she’s tried.

Float Ambassador at The Float Spa Hove

Matt Orlowski

Matt has been practicing the Taoist Health and Energy Arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Baguazhang and various Meditation practices for 6 years. During this process he discovered the power of stillness of mind and wholeness of being, qualities that can only be embodied through depth of relaxation through body, energy, mind and deeper layers of being. Matt has always been passionate about sharing these qualities through healing and regularly teaches various Taoist Arts as well as having a keen interest in nutrition, medicinal plants and other healing practices.
Experiencing floatation for the first time was a beautiful synthesis of a healing state of relaxation, stillness and wholeness and since that time Matt has been inviting others to share that experience.


Float Ambassador

Dave Averillo

Dave is a sponsored wakeboarder and drone pilot, hailing from Worthing, but spending much of his free time in Brighton and Hove. Although intrigued by the idea of floating for many years, it was only recently that Dave experienced his first float at The Float Spa, after receiving this as a gift. He was immediately hooked, and has since become a keen evangelist for floatation, finding it to be a great accompaniment to his sports training as well as the perfect way to switch off from the demands of modern life. He lists relaxation, physiological recovery, and a long-lasting sense of calm and focus as the reasons he keeps coming back, not to mention the ever-friendly Float Spa staff!

Float Ambassador

Rob Pitman

Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob plies his trade with athletes at Eastbourne College, and through his own company Nitman Performance Training, having started his career in professional rugby. He tried floating to help counteract the rigours of training for and competing in Olympic Weightlifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and found it to be the perfect balance of physical and mental recovery.