Winter Yin Workshop

Date: Sunday Jan 22nd, 2023
Time: 2:00pm to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: £37-£45 *Please Pay What You Can

Meet Your Instructors

Mary-Lou Aitken

Mary-Lou Aitken

Ex-International Operatic Soloist, Mary-Louise Aitken, began her yogic journey more than two decades ago. A dedicated mindfulness practice, together with a love for asana work, eventually led Mary-Louise to train as a fully accredited, Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. With a particular interest in Hatha and Yin Yoga styles, she recently published two articles for YOGA Magazines and one for AMRITA (Yoga Alliance Professionals’ Magazine). 
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About the event

Making A Date With Destiny

Mary-Lou will show how working in harmony with Nature we might reclaim a sense of Destiny.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Winter we are wise to find stillness, listen to our Inner Voice, rest well, & to build as well as conserve our energies.

We’ll work with Yin Poses, Acupressure Points, the Breath. There’ll be a cosy Yoga Nidra & time to journal.  Learn how we can reclaim lost courage, find a sense of direction, innate willpower…our DESTINY!

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