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How to create a new healthy lifestyle

Date: Sunday Jul 11th, 2021
Time: 10:00am to
Location: Float Training Academy
Price: £15

Meet Your Instructors

Camille Pierson

Camille Pierson

Camille understands how to set and achieve goals, having trained with world leading behavioural scientist BJ Fogg and running the Float Spa. Goals are part of life. So learn how to set goals and more importantly achieve them.
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About the event

About this Event

That amazing healthy lifestyle plan you were going to stick to, you were going to exercise 3 times per week, eat only healthy foods, loose all that excess weight and of course become mega organised.

It starts off well enough, you begin the regime full of energy and optimism. You smash the first day or two. Beaming with pride you are totally convinced you will keep this up. The novelty wears off and you find yourself back to square one, by a month or two.


Wrong, the very fact this is so predictable, proves you are not the problem but the method is the problem.

Imagine if there was another way…

Imagine setting realistic aspirations, goals and outcomes which are based on creating tiny micro-practices or Tiny Habits.

When we hear the word habit, everyone is very quick to list all the bad habits they have, in this workshop you will rewire your brain to learn how effective and successful habits are formed using the art of behavioural science.

In this workshop you will learn how to create habits quickly and more importantly create positive habits that stick and last for the long term.

‘Achievement is the result of a million tiny steps’

Over the past few years Camille, has taken a huge interest in Behavioural Science and has trained with world leading Behavioural Scientist from the Stanford Behaviour Lab – BJ Fogg.

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