Shamanic Group Healing

Date: Saturday Dec 2nd, 2023
Time: 4:00pm to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: £35

Meet Your Instructors

Luke Newton-Mason

When Reiki found me, the divine energy helped me realise that everything I have set out to achieve in life is already within me and everything I have been searching for is already here.
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About the event

Collective Healing Journey With Luke Newton-Mason

With the collective energies shifting at the rate that they have been over the last few years, the spirits continue to upgrade the density of the Shamanic powers that are available to us, whilst maintaining their authenticity. These upgrades have allowed it to be possible to perform transformative healings to an entire group of people, whilst keeping it just as powerful as receiving healing 1-1. Throughout the journey, I will be holding a sacred and protected space to allow you to delve deep into your healing process. The journey will combine rare Shamanic and occult techniques that have been acquired through initiation into a range of different traditions such as Paqo (Andean energy medicine), Rahu (Ancient Arabian Magick), Javanese Shamanism as well as Aghora Tantrik techniques that I have acquired through devotion to MahaKali. This journey will trigger significant shifts in your energy field.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans are trained to act as the mediators between the worlds. They utilise perceptual states to enter a trance-like state that enables them to shift their consciousness between worlds to exchange insight and healing between the physical world and the spirit world. Therefore, Shamanic Healing isn’t just one thing, but often a combination of intuitive techniques – some of which have been acquired through initiation into a tradition, whilst others are channeled directly from spirit. Every Shaman works very differently to the next, even if they have the same lineage, but the overall purpose of Shamanic Healing work remains the same. It works with your energy field, which acts as a translucent matrix that surrounds your whole body. This matrix contains the programming that informs your physical experience . Therefore, if someone has experienced trauma, this will show as an imprint within their energy field as a mirror of what is in their psyche. These Karmic imprints also attract energies into your being which can stagnate the flow of energy in your system. Shamanic Healing is designed to clear the energy field of heavy energies and reconnect the client to their authenticity.


What Is Involved?

This approach to healing is incredibly direct and powerful as I have designed it to work at a range of different layers simultaneously, which include the following:

  • Clearing of the energy field – all stagnant energies within your system will be cleared, whilst all the chakras and nadis will be drained of stagnation
  • Regeneration of the energy field – powerful rituals will be completed to fillholes in the aura and increase vitality on all levels
  • Tie Cutting – All vampiric links that are draining your energy will be cut
  • Entity & Curse Extraction – All entities, external projections and curses willbe removed from your system and in doing so, you will be culled of allexternal influence
  • Karma Purification – a rare power gifted to me after doing a sadhana underMahaKali, this energy will scan your system and remove all toxic karma,creating greater alignment within your being
  • Soul & Power Retrieval – any segments of power of fragmented soul parts(pieces of the inner child) that are ready to come back to you will be placedback into your energy field
  • Protection – you will be surrounded by a legion of Khodams (guardian spirits)that will remain with you after the process to assist with integrationWhat techniques will be used to carry out the healing?

    I will be working with different spirits, deities and healing tools, each of which have specific purposes:

  • Healing Spirits – A range of spirits are summoned to assist with the clearing process. These are: Djinn (For removing heavy energies), Angelic Khodams (to protect you and the space), Nagas (Cosmic Serpents), ancestral shamans from various traditions as well as numerous deities from different traditions.
  • Tulpas (Orbs) – conscious energy containers that come from Javanese mystical knowledge. Each of these contain a specific, pre-programmed healing ritual that will work in the background throughout the process.

Tulpas will be used for mantra repetitions, soul retrieval, clearing of the

energy field, alongside many other things.

  • Icaros – the healing songs of the indigenous that invoke significantmetaphysical changes. The songs will hold the space and deepen the healingprocess and come from the Shipibo tradition.
  • Tantrik Mantras – each of which will invoke a specific energy. Some of thesemantras are rare, Guru level invocations and call on advanced etheric healing tools from goddess Kali. These will be used to expel all dark forces from your energy field and for Karma purification.
  • Banishing rituals – the most powerful and ancient techniques that I have found the most effective for removing all intrusive energies
  • Psionic Healing Grid – Each participant will be placed within a healing grid that contains talismans for protection and deeper healing throughout the process.
  • Drums, Rattles and Chacapa – tools to shift the energies within the space and to maintain a trance-like state.

This healing will last for just over an hour and will trigger significant shifts in your energy.

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