Self-Care Sunday Club: Sound & Breath for nervous system reset and finding calm

Date: Sunday Jul 7th, 2024
Time: 1:00am to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: Free for unlimited yoga members, £16 drop-in

Meet Your Instructors

Jennie O'halloran

Jennie O’Halloran

Jennie blends elements of movement, sound, breath and touch to allow students to softly open and be present with their individual experience.
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About the event

In this workshop we will explore how breathwork and sound/vibration can down regulate the nervous system.  Why might you want to down regulate? Well, whether you find yourself constantly switched on, have a racing mind, striving for endless productivity, stressed or anxious, difficulty sleeping or unable to concentrate you might just need to give yourself a break by turning down the dial.  Changing gears and dropping into a peaceful cruise mode will give your body and mind some relief, allow yourself to recharge, feel more grounded and at ease.  The benefits can include clarity of mind, better decision making, greater capacity to hold discomfort and face the stressors of life, feeling resourced and self reliant, increased focus, better sleep, feeling more connected to your soul’s expression.

Please be reassured that the breathwork exercises we explore will be gentle and accessible.  Down regulation involves slowing down and this will be reflected in our breath practice. We will concentrate on slow, nasal, diaphragmatic breathing.

We will also introduce sound into our breath practice by using humming to feel the soothing vibration of our own unique voice.  Singing bowls will be incorporated into some of our breathing activities.

We will finish with a deep relaxation practice and soundbath.

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