Wellness ‘Snacks’ – quick and easy ways to feel better

Date: Sunday Jun 2nd, 2024
Time: 1:00pm to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: £16 - free for unlimited members

Meet Your Instructors

Ashka Dzierzek

Ashka Dzierzek

For Ashka, yoga is not about being bendy or able to touch your toes. She considers it to be a philosophy and a state of mind. For her it is a practice of awareness and kindness towards ourselves and others. In her opinion we practice yoga to calm the mind in order to connect with our heart; strength and flexibility are mere side effect of something more profound that is going on.
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About the event

We often think that in order to take care of ourselves or to be well we need to commit lots of time or spend money and eventually we end up doing nothing.

Ashka is going to teach you short self care practices, some of which can take only a moment of your time to feel better.
They also can be done as simple maintenance practices to keep ourselves connected and to recharge.
So come join her to learn how to take care of your Mind, Body and Soul with quick self care “snacks”.

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