International Women’s Day – Wellbeing Festival

Date: Friday Mar 8th, 2024
Time: 12:45pm to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: £14-£16 (unlimited yoga members included in your membership)

Meet Your Instructors

Antje Schemath

Antje Schemath

With customer service being at the heart of what she does it did not take her long to find her base. Relatively new to the concept of floating quite quickly she discovered the huge benefits it has to offer. Not just on a physical level but especially on a mental & emotional path.
Lilla Beatrix Varga

Lilla Beatrix Varga

Lilla is a qualified Indian head massage therapist and a reiki master & Holy Fire III teacher with growing knowledge about wellbeing and healing. Lilla is very intuitive and offers a mix of treatments for every unique person's requirements and needs as we are all different she makes sure to adjust her treatment choices whenever you see her. Lilla takes clients on a 1-1 basis in person and does distant healing treatments too.
Jennie O'halloran

Jennie O’Halloran

Jennie blends elements of movement, sound, breath and touch to allow students to softly open and be present with their individual experience.
Ashka Dzierzek

Ashka Dzierzek

For Ashka, yoga is not about being bendy or able to touch your toes. She considers it to be a philosophy and a state of mind. For her it is a practice of awareness and kindness towards ourselves and others. In her opinion we practice yoga to calm the mind in order to connect with our heart; strength and flexibility are mere side effect of something more profound that is going on.
Sarah Huettmann

Sarah Huettmann

Sarah is passionate about a holistic approach to wellbeing and believes that everybody can benefit from incorporating yoga into their lives. She sees her role more like a guide on your path of self-discovery, rather than an instructor telling you what to do.
Camille Pierson

Camille Pierson

Camille understands how to set and achieve goals, having trained with world leading behavioural scientist BJ Fogg and running the Float Spa. Goals are part of life. So learn how to set goals and more importantly achieve them.
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About the event

This International Women’s Day 2024, we invite you to celebrate women at The Float Spa. We are proud to be a woman owned business that has been at the heart of the Brighton & Hove community for 9 years.

This year we are hosting a wellbeing festival on Friday 8th March – with a series of 4 special workshops hosted by our wonderful team.

12:45-1:45pm Rebalancing and empowering ourselves with energy with Lilla

This workshop includes looking at the foundations of Reiki, hand on Reiki experience, rebalancing our chakras with the ancient wisdom of meditation. We will also tackle the feeling of disempowerment and use techniques to reverse it. You will leave the workshop with skills you can use in real life scenarios and your everyday to feel the best you can.

14.00 – 15.00 Breathe into your creativity with Susie & Antje

In this 60 minutes workshop you will let your heart flow. Together we will explore and create a map of your emotional heart. This can be a powerful tool to show where your focus is right now, what to let go of and what to invite more of in your life. Give yourself permission to explore without limitations.

This will be rounded up with breathwork. By focusing on your breath and following guided instructions, you can bring awareness to your body and mind, helping to release tension and calm your thoughts. You will leave this workshop feeling a sense of belonging and connecting back to yourself. 

15.15 – 16.15 Self Massage Tools & Healthy Habits with Sarah & Camille

Join us for an interactive and relaxing Self Massage Tool Workshop & create Healthy Habits that work. Designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate. In this workshop, you will learn different techniques and tools to release tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being. Healthy Habits will empower you to make positive changes into your daily routine and improve your overall well-being.

16.30 – 17.30 Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath with Ashka & Jennie

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath workshop offers a unique and rejuvenating experience for both the body and mind. In this 60 minutes workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore gentle movements and postures that help release tension and promote relaxation. The soothing sounds of singing bowls and chimes will accompany the practice, creating a harmonious atmosphere that encourages deep relaxation and inner peace.

All of these workshops are available to book on our website under the yoga timetable.
The rate of the sessions are all the same as the yoga classes meaning:
•non member drop in for £16
•relaxation members for £14
•unlimited yoga – free as it’s included in your membership

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