Date: Saturday Jul 27th, 2024
Time: 2:00pm to
Location: The Float Spa
Price: £77

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About the event

About your Instructor:

Marina J has coached women for 20 years and specialises in you flourishing after Narcissistic Abuse and guides women to transform the relationship they have with themselves and others so they reclaim their freedom, their power, their light and their lives! You can RISE with her through coaching, her #1 best-selling book, Turn Yourself On and her podcast also called Turn Yourself On!

GLOW DAY is a one-day in person event for women who have had narcissistic abuse or been in a lot of one-sided relationships to STOP treating themselves like the narcissist did and to START treating themselves like a GODDESS instead! It IS the most powerful antidote to Narcissistic Abuse – to change the relationship with yourself first.


If you’ve had narcissistic relationships, chances are you still get caught in patterns where you treat yourself in that same way. Where you minimise your feelings, have zero empathy for yourself and over-give in relationships so it’s all about them.

In GLOW DAY – we need a powerful blend of…  Emotional release so we let our old feelings out of our body to let our power and magnetism and GLOW back in! We need to hear ourselves deeply (cause you and I aren’t doing superficial glow here!) and we need to transform an area of our life that’s been draining us. We also need to learn how to ask for what we want so we actually get it! Receiving is the first stage of YOU flourishing after narcissistic abuse so you GLOW!

GLOW DAY is FUN, it’s Fabulous and it’s you IN your FIERY and FEARLESS energy because YOU are HERE to DO GREAT THINGS!

Here’s what to expect:

Come exactly as you are, dressed how you want in your loungewear, yoga pants, jeans or a BALL GOWN! Whatever makes you happy and comfortable!


2.00pm: Power Hour: Hear yourself deeply using your own internal guidance system.


3.00pm: Splurge: Intuitively MOVE to funky music, to let your feelings out so your power and magnetism come rushing back in!


3.15pm: Alchemy: Heal an area of your life that is stopping you or slowing you down using Shadow Work.


4.00pm:  Break


4.45pm: Receive: How to Ask for What you Want – and Get It!


5.45pm: The Goddess Template®: Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. And be Cherished by beautiful YOU to Embody the Goddess that you ARE! A sacred closing ceremony.


6.45pm: Finish feeling Fabulous, deeply connected to yourself and glowing! A great time to go out and have dinner with your girlfriends!


If you’re yearning to reclaim your energy, rediscover your essence, make it safer for yourself to receive and uphold unwavering standards, this day is tailor-made for you.


Consider GLOW DAY as a sanctuary for your soul, a space where you can choose to honour yourself as a Goddess rather than succumb to sacrificing your needs.

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