Chakra Meditations

With Concert Grand Harp, Gong and Crystal Bowls

With Siobhan & Andi

Date: Sunday 13th May, 3:30-5pm

Price: Introductory offer £10, 50% off the original price- book now whilst spaces are available! 


Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Sound baths are a wonderful way to release any blocked energy in the body and to release toxins that may build up over time from our diets, stressful lifestyles and environmental pollution. The frequencies and vibrations from the Crystal Bowls, Gong and Harp have also been proven to slow down brain wave action which clears away some of the receptive chatter we tend to carry with ourselves throughout our day. These vibrations and sounds also create homeostasis in the mind-body connection and assist with the letting go process for deep relaxation and meditation.

This unique workshop starts with a chakra meditation that is accompanied by the ethereal and soothing sounds of the harp. It will then follow with a sound journey using the Gong and Crystal Bowls alongside chimes, Balinese bell and rain-sticks.

Come and join Siobhan and Andi and explore the feeling of letting go.

Wear loose comfortable clothing