Calmer Waters

By Rosie Iles-Jonas

Dr Masaru Emoto wrote The Hidden Messages in Water, a culmination of his studies on the effect of directing thoughts, words, music or emotions into water. He was able to show that when positive thoughts were directed to water as it froze, it formed beautiful and unique crystal patterns. When negative thoughts were directed into the water, there was asymmetrical or chaotic patterns in the frozen crystals.Yoga Teacher Hove

You already know it, but this research confirms how powerful thought are. If you take a moment to reflect on the fact that more than half of the human body is made up of water, you begin to catch a glimpse of the important connection between mind and body… Just imagine the effect your thoughts might have on the water you are made up of.

I like to think of this when I float. My first float was over 3 years ago… I used to enjoy swirling the water around, creating waves to match the choppy waters of my mind. At this time in my life I was experiencing PTSD and overwhelm and my mind was a tidal wave of thoughts, which made complete stillness and relaxation a challenge. Over the years though the texture of the water has really settled.

Most people have been programmed to avoid solitude and isolation; there are reality TV programmes (I don’t watch them) that show the negatives of isolation. In my experience when I’ve been at my most stressed and unhappy, I’ve been unable to be alone whether that’s having a device in my hand, needing the radio to fall asleep, or mindlessly searching the internet, googling. Endless googling.

What changed was accepting there will be times when I’m too agitated to be fully still and to literally go with the flow. Whether its Yoga or floating, there will be occasions when the body and mind feel turbulent… In these moments choose thoughts which will soothe the waters of your body.

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