A Hatha Yoga Workshop with Ama

With Amanda Evans

Date: Saturday 30th September – 1pm – 3pm

Price: £25 (£20 for Float Spa Unlimited Yoga Members)

Bookings: arts@amasu.co.uk or call Ama on 07960930303


Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Don’t waste your energy doing yoga!

We all get caught up with the ego wanting to push forward both on and off the mat. Problem is a goal oriented practice is likely to bring more injury and exhaustion rather than peace and rejuvenation. We need to lead with the heart for a more fully embodied yoga.

In this workshop you will learn how to expand into your practice and utilise your energy rather than wastefully depleting it. Yoga can be both energising and relaxing at the same time if done using energy efficiently. We will explore applying the three main bandhas (yogic energy seals) learn some mudras (yogic hand gestures) and learn some pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) which all work together to cultivate a more meaningful, energy flowing and growing practice.

Contact Yoga

We spend our time alone on our mats and this is a good. We journey inward to meet ourselves, explore our inner world and find our innate inner peace. Contact Yoga is what it says, contacting and uniting as individuals but also making contact with each other. In this workshop you will have an opportunity to move beyond ‘your’ mat and play with uniting yoga postures. This partnered yoga is fun and daring. We will have a safe and supported space to bring all of our energies together and fly! To feel the fear and do it anyway!

What You Resist, Persists.

In this workshop we will also explore ways to melt into yoga, going beyond the edges of yourself, your being. Contact yoga involves physical support within postures. Both giving and receiving at the same time.

For a little insight please see


Playing with yoga. This short video is a sneak peak into the practising world of two yoginis and teachers, myself, Amanda Evans and Emma Cole.

Often as teachers and indeed practitioners we are on our own and so it is lovely to be able sometimes to collaborate on ideas and practice.

Both Emma and Ama have a professional dance backgrounds, just going with the flow. However, Contact Yoga is for everyone bringing the unity back into community.

This workshop is for all levels.