An Introduction To Therapeutic Arts

– reducing stress and anxiety one brushstroke at a time – 

With Anniek Verholt

Date: Saturday 12th January 2019 – 2:15 – 3:45pm

Price: £25 


Lucy Howlett Yoga Teacher Hove

Start 2019 with colour and creativity! This workshop offers an introduction into the use of Therapeutic Arts as a way to lower levels of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. The guided exercises are developed to ease the nervous system using specific but easy to follow creative techniques, meditation and mindful breathing. You will not need any previous experience, so don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a brush in twenty years. 

By detaching from outcome you get to connect with the present moment and the creative process. It has a mindful and compassionate approach to dealing with life’s challenges and teaches various techniques to dealing with stress. We will pay attention to inner dialogue, self-care and setting intentions for the New Year.

This workshop is facilitated by Anniek Verholt, an experienced and qualified Artistic Therapist and artist who after twelve years in London moved down to Brighton where she opened her second therapeutic arts practice at the Open Market. She works with adults and children, promoting emotional and mental health through 1-2-1 therapeutic arts sessions and workshops for various organisations and groups in the UK and overseas.

Please bring comfortable clothes, some paper to work on and any water colours, pencils or crayons to work with.