Allergy Testing

Helen Guinness


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£35 for re-test


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Allergy Testing

About the therapy

Food intolerance can disrupt people’s lives and is extremely common. About one in seven people have intolerance to at least one food. There is a strong body of scientific research dating back to the 1980s that shows that biochemical processes in the body, which are responsible for health and disease, produce measurable electromagnetic signals.

Practioners, like Helen, use a specially designed portable detector to analyse a patient’s electromagnetic signals. They do this by applying sensors to traditional acupuncture points, usually at the client’s hands and feet. Allergy testing is painless and non invasive.

Once the intolerances and/or the allergies have been identified, the practitioner will make recommendations for treatment. This may mean taking one or more supplements, it will very likely involve changes in diet and eating habits; certain types of foods may be recommended to support the treatment process. Detailed information and diet sheets will be provided in every case.

The treatment period takes about three months. It takes time for the body to change its habits and to re-adjust itself to new ways. Part of the treatment may involve detoxification or cleansing.

A follow up allergy test will be conducted about six weeks into the treatment programme to assess the patient’s progress. A final allergy test will be done at the end of the three-month treatment period. Provided that good progress has been made (at this stage patients usually feel a great deal better), the patient will then be given new instructions on the re-introduction of certain foods. If the patient proves still to be intolerant, further tests will be done and alternative treatment may be recommended.

About Helen Guinness

Helen has worked in leadership development for over thirty years. During that time she observed that so many of the people she worked with suffered from stress and stress related issues. About twelve years ago she decided to take action and she took extensive trainings that gave her qualifications in the practice of allergy testing including advice on remedies and homeopathy.

Since then Helen has tested hundreds of people for food intolerance and allergies, and successfully treated them. Instead of feeling tired and unwell, patients have experienced increased wellbeing, more energy and greatly improved quality of life.

Helen is committed to supporting individuals to design the lives they want to live, deal with barriers that may get in the way and give them the tools that will help them. Supporting people to achieve optimum health and wellbeing is part of that journey.