Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique in Hove

Developed by FM Alexander in the late 1920’s the Alexander Technique enjoys a worldwide reputation with an international network of qualified and registered teachers. It has been proven in clinical trials that lower back pain can be successfully alleviated, and many other conditions can be treated by applying the technique in daily activities.

AT is a subtle hands on treatment that involves the teacher guiding movements such as sitting, standing and  bending, in a manner that establishes better movement patterns. This leads to improved posture and relief from many painful conditions. Pupils report that they experience a lightness in their movements and that activities become effortless rather than putting a strain on the body.

AT is a very mindful therapy that creates a feeling of well being as it is put into practice and becomes a part of peoples daily life.



Alexander Technique

What to expect

Each session varies but briefly comprises standing then sitting in a chair, with the teacher gently guiding these movements. There is no manipulation or forced exercises involved. This is followed by a table session, lying on the back whilst the teacher works on relieving embedded tension `~          in the back, the arms and the legs. Each joint in the body is gently worked on with no effort required of the pupil.

The way we move can be changed by paying conscious attention to our habits and this can lead to alterations in how we feel emotionally and physically, as well as bringing relief from pain and discomfort that many have endured and that some have accepted as normal.

It is suggested that initially three sessions are arranged, to become familiar with the principles of the Technique and to see how the individual responds and benefits from putting this into practice between sessions.

Experience shows that AT has become an integral part of many peoples lives, and that they enjoy improved posture, reduced pain and discomfort, as well as a feeling of wellbeing that some have not experienced for many years.

The Technique is equally beneficial to young and old and those with particular needs. It can also be helpful when pregnant or to those with reduced mobility. At the same time pupils report a deep sense of relaxation and enjoyment from Alexander sessions. It is by no means hard work, and there are no specific exercises needed for immediate benefits to be felt in the course of everyday life.

Meet Our therapist

Lawrence Cannon

Lawrence Cannon

During his training as an actor, Laurie became interested in the Alexander Technique which is well known in the field of drama and music, as way of easing the responses of tension in the body. Prior to this he had a successful business career, spending time sitting at a desk and also travelling overseas. Unknown to him was the toll this was taking on his physical and mental wellbeing. He became fascinated by the concept ...
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