21 day group cleanse and gut reset programme

By starna Forster
Health Coach

Summer is finally here!

In light of a new season, a new horizon, and new beginnings Starna is running her new ‘Revitalise’ programme, a 21-day group cleanse & gut reset programme on 14th June! If you are ready to take control of your unhealthy eating habits and get back to feeling happy, healthy, and glowing again this might be what you need!

This is an opportunity to reset and renew focussing on our overall health and wellbeing, mind, body, and soul.  See this as a time to nurture yourself, to build resilience and feel more connected to your body. We are all at different stages with our health, but this cleanse is designed for all levels. A thirty-page document will be provided with all you need to know about cleansing which also includes recipes, self-care activities, meal planning etc. Join a group of likeminded people online and Starna will guide and support you throughout the whole process. Doing it as a group will keep you motivated and on track to reaching your goals.

Learn about the gut brain connection and discover your food sensitivities and how to sustain a healthier and happier life through diet and lifestyle modifications.

For more details and to book go to Starna’s website www.starhealthcoaching.co.uk to book or email her at starnahealthcoach@gmail.com.

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